Discrimination occurs when an employee is unfairly treated due to his or her national origin, race, religion, gender, or any other legally protected characteristic. Unfair treatment can include demotion, unfair job evaluation, and even unfair termination.

Our attorneys can assist companies in education, training, advice, and representation to help avoid employment discrimination from occurring in the first place. An educated client is what our attorneys try to create. If you know the legal pitfalls, you can insulate yourself and your business that much better. Remember that employment discrimination can cost a company in reputation, employee morale, not to mention steep legal and financial penalties.

Our attorneys are also ready to help aggrieved employees. If the courts find that you were unfairly discriminated against, you could be entitled to back pay, a court injunction of discriminatory practices, pain and suffering compensation, and even possibly restoration of your old position. We at Kaplun and Associates are ready to provide a consultation to better gauge your needs and then see how we are able to protect you and assert your rights both federally and locally.