Thinking about your own mortality is perhaps one of the hardest decisions that you can make. It is very easy to imagine that you will always be as aware, comfortable, and healthy as you are this moment.

We understand your worries and your fears and help you easily explain what it is that you need to better serve those that come after you, your children, your spouse or life partner, your family, your friends, or any heirs. Remember that the choices you make today just make it easier for those that have to make those tough decisions when you may not be able to.

We also assist in administrative duties of personal representatives and trustees. Estate and trust administration can be very complicated and time consuming. You need an expert who can help you file taxes, identify assets, help you maintain your fiduciary obligations, and maintain proper records. You need us to help you concentrate on living your life while we take care of the rest.

Our Estate Services include:

  • Will creation (sole, joint or mutual, conditional, codicils)
  • Power of Attorney
  • Living Will
  • Will Administration
  • Trust preparation and creation (inter vivos-revocaable or irrevocable, testamentary, limited term, charitable, privacy, specialized)
  • Trust Administration